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My name is Gustavo. 1993. Appunti: San Francisco, California & Seoul, Korea & Milan, Italy. 연세대 학교 International Fashion Merchandising major- San Francisco State University & Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti. 착한 것만으론 아무 것도 할수 없다, but really- it doesn't: Instagram @Guseoseo

Literally becoming a stylist, fashion journalist and meeting with Milan based fashion designers at conferences for the next 3 days of school. The Devil Wears Prada begins.

Day 6 and Lufthansa and United Airlines still haven’t sent me my luggage like honestly I’m starting to get freaked out fuckin assholes

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Trying to keep a straight face while watching a middle aged white guy try to communicate in another language besides English is a very hard thing to do.